The Idaho Foodbank Wrap

Craig Stein Beverage (CSB) contacted us for a project: wrap The Idaho Foodbank’s old box truck. The truck had body damage, the aluminum siding was oxidized, and the vinyl was faded and cracked.

We started with our design and proofing system. We designed and emailed the wrap proof to ensure the graphic placement was correct for the customer. Then, we printed a scaled down version on 3M wrap material to ensure that the colors and branding from the companies were correct.

Before getting to print, the truck had to be repaired. We first started with an acid wash to clean off the oxidized siding. Once the oxidation was removed, we washed the truck with soap and water to remove any left over dirt, debris, or various oils from the surface. All of the washing took half a day of work. The truck was pulled into the shop where it was left to dry over night. After thoroughly drying, the process of hammering the metal back into place and patching the holes began. Joe patched the whole side with Bondo and a lot of sanding work, a whole days worth. After the gashes were filled and the surface made level, we prepped the metal with a white etching primer to seal the repair and give the vinyl something better to grab than Bondo body filler.

While Joe was busy prepping and repairing the van Mike was busy setting up the final files and sending everything to print. We printed the wrap on 3M Controltac with a 3M Cast Laminate on top to prevent color fade and provide rigidity. Our Roland VP540 was the perfect printer for the wrap. The colors turned out bold, vibrant, and matched the Pantone color book perfectly. After the print rested 36 hours we were able to laminate using our Seal 54Base laminator.

With the graphics complete and the truck ready to wrap the team went to work. Mike was the lead on the installation itself, having wrapped over 1,000 vehicles himself. Joe and Sam both lent a hand and the install went beautifully. Not a bubble to be found, no patches, no wrinkles, if you are having a wrap done by a reputable company these should never be an issue.

The wrap looks amazing and the truck looks brand new again. This was an excellent project for us and we are so proud to be help such an amazing charity!

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