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Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated window vinyl is one of the most common marketing instruments many businesses use. Window perf is a film with a printed graphic or image. The graphics and images are printed on one side and then it is applied to the window. Window perf allows people outside the window to see a colorful advertisement and people on the inside are still able to see through the glass.

They are also an excellent advertising idea for the windows of a vehicle. With a window perf, you can transform your vehicle windows into valuable media space. You can advertise your business, message or brand with these stunning displays.

Another benefit of the window perf vinyl is that you don’t have to sacrifice natural light and visibility. You won’t block out light from entering the car and you allow each passenger to see through the graphic to the outside.

Window perf vinyl is a cost-effective marketing tool. It gives you the opportunity to maximize the reach of your brand while saving costs. When you use this innovation for your vehicle windows, you get an advertising option that is always on the move. This means more impressions and more attention.

If you are looking for an inventive marketing opportunity with practical benefits, a window perf is the perfect solution for you. Every window is different, so we offer a wide range of perforated window vinyl to guarantee the best results for our customers.

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