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Transform Your Vehicle with Our Premium Vinyl Wraps in Boise

Are you tired of the color of your car and would you like to spice it up a little? The are many possibilities and hundreds of colors to choose from. Vinyl wraps are getting more and more popular and can give your vehicle an individual custom look.

Our car vinyl is specially designed for use on vehicles. Unlike a repaint that ruins your vehicle‘s original value, vinyl film actually protects it. The entire vehicle is covered with thick car vinyl, the paint surface is protected from most of the road debris, weathering and other wear and tear.

A 3M vinyl wrap is very durable and scratch-resistant. But that‘s not all. Wrapping your car is a far better idea than repainting because a vinyl car wrap is not permanent. If you would like to change the color or go back to the original look, the wrap is easy to remove.

A 3M vinyl wrap creates a design that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Upgrading the exterior of your car can be an exciting and affordable way to improve its style. A vinyl car wrap is a cost-effective solution and can give your car a new look without the commitment of a paint job.

Another benefit of vinyl film is that the color will always match. Matching the paint after an accident is almost impossible because the new paint will never look exactly like the rest of your car. A vinyl car wrap is an ideal way to bypass the hassles of paint matching.

If you consider upgrading the look of your car in an easy and affordable way, contact us to receive more information. We’re southern Idaho’s only 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company.

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